Morrow Presbyterian Church
6171 Huie Drive, P. O. Box 316, Morrow, GA 30260
770-961-5444   FAX 770-960-0334
email: mpcsecretary@bellsouth.net


Come celebrate 50 years of service to God and community!

April 5 - 6:00 p.m. Music & fellowship

April 6 - 11 a.m. worship plus lunch under the tent

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MPCvisiting us!

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Our Purpose  

As the Morrow Presbyterian Church Family, responding to the call of Christ, we are here to be a clear reflection of the Spirit of Christ and to work together as one body to further His Kingdom for His Glory."


Our Mission Statement

We will respond to God's call to be a spiritually alive and worshipping community of people, unified to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will nurture and care for one another as we reaach out in compassionate service to our community. We will actively seek the power of the Holy Spirit so that our evangelistic witness can make a difference in the whole world.




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